Friday, 23 March 2018

Astronomy Session – 23/3 Stepping down

The Sec 4 excos' stepped down today and it was really nice to see a new batch of juniors rising and taking over the CCA, along with our two teachers Mrs. Jung and Mr. Tan Hoe Teck. Mr. Tan briefed us about the upcoming trip as well which, unfortunately, I'm not able to attend. 

The new Exco members were appointed and then we split off from the Sec 1-3 and had our session with Kang Zhe who was also part of the Exco group.  Kang Zhe went through a diagnostic test that the Sec 1s' did as their 'entrance exam' into Astronomy CCA. The beginning of the test was easy however as you proceeded down and enter the 20s range, the questions slowly become harder, asking things such as calculating the luminosity of a star and the mass of the solar system. 

Kang Zhe was also one of the most contributing CCA member of the Astro club, from conducting lectures to teaching students more in-depth things about equations related to Astronomy, he really did do this club a favor by enlightening the students. Kang Zhe also designed the the club CCA t-shirt that the 2016 seniors took with them as a farewell gift. 

I am deeply inspired by from and his passion for Astronomy that enabled him to teach us will and let us leave the room with more knowledge than when we entered. 

Last but not least, it being one of the last sessions of our 4 year journey in Astro, I must say I really did learn a lot and made a lot of new friends here. I would like to thank the teachers in charge of this CCA, not forgetting Ms Rachel Sim who was here for 2 years. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Astronomy Session – 23/2 Cosmology

We had a fruitful presentation on cosmology today, and we were taught about:

- The Big Bang Theory
- The Death of the Universe 

Image result for big bang theory science

We watched 2 videos on both of the topics and I really learnt a lot from it. From the 'expansion' of space to the freezing of space. I feel that today's presentation was very well thoughtout and planned as they started with the beginning of the universe and ended with the potential end of the universe.

We also learnt about how the Greeks proved that the Earth was round in the past through how they saw sheeps once they go past the horizon, along with how they found out that the Earth orbits the Sun using the heliocentric model.

We also learnt the history of how the milkway was mapped, which was through the Hershels mapping which was measuring the number of stars in a specific area since galaxys are relatively uniform.

Last but not least, the Hubble telescope was also brought up during the presentation, talking about how they were used to identify the nebulae and also it discovered the hubble deep field (picture attached below)

Image result for hubble deep field

We ended of the session with an activity for a kahoot quiz (making of questions) which will be played next week. We were also made to create a presentation for a debating session to be carried out next week also.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Astronomy Session – 9/2 The Sun

A few of the Astronomy juniors presented about the sun today and it was quite engaging and knowledgeable. They talked about the basic details of the sun such as the formation, composition, atmosphere, structure and the orbit!
Image result for composition of the sun

They ended off the session with a traditional kahoot game which is what every Astronomy member looks forward to at the end of every Astronomy session. 

Visit to Raffles Institution 5/9

Our club went to Raffles Institution, located in Bishan for a mini exchange programme where we did a stargazing activity later that night along with the other members there.

We had an overall fun time with the other Astronomy members from RI.

2016 Mersing GCP Trip

Two years ago, I went on an educational trip to a town in our neighbouring country, Mersing, Malaysia. And had star gazing activities on 2 of the nights there. Since the light pollution there is a lot lesser than Singapore, the stars plastered on the night sky were very clear. 

(photo taken by Astronomy member, Andrea Neo using her camera with long exposure and editing)

At night, we also had a movie screening of 'The Martian' where we spotted the scientific mistakes made in the movie.